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Thee installed programs footprint is only 66Mb. why is the executable so large (157Mb)

Whiterabbit-uk , 29.07.2011, 03:16
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Beatnik, 30.07.2011, 12:23
I dont understand this question the executable is only a little over 1.5mb and the installed program is indeed about 66 mb.

Are you talking about the install file?? as that was the only thing that i thought was large as far as the 157 MB idk where you got that number?

Also it takes about 25MB memory to run.

Personally this program is exactly what it should be for anyone without something like MS Publisher or other like application this is great as it comes with templates. although Personally the only thing i find original about this application is its ability to use QR codes big plus and Microsoft Tags I Dont even know how to use this feature but its there and i have never seen it before maybe its for people with windows powered mobiles although QR is used by most all Mobile Phones that support any sort of barcode type of app
Jerry Guinn, 21.01.2013, 15:35
Looking at the download file size, it's obvious that Whiterabbit-uk is referring to the "installation" file, even though he might not have use quite the right term.

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